Special Edition: Methane emissions, carbon pricing and renewables

As governments and businesses seek solutions to limit global warming, Reuters is providing coverage from all angles. From the previously unreported extent of methane emissions worldwide to the growing momentum in carbon pricing, offsets and emissions markets, to the development and rapid deployment of renewable energy worldwide, Reuters is delivering the exclusive news and insights clients and readers need to stay ahead on the issue. Take a look at highlights of Reuters reporting over the past year.


EXCLUSIVE U.S., EU pursuing global deal to slash planet-warming methane -documents

EXCLUSIVE-Gas infrastructure across Europe leaking planet-warming methane – video footage

INSIGHT-Methane menace: Aerial survey spots ‘super-emitter’ landfills

Biden admin’s methane emission curbs to exceed Obama’s – EPA chief

GRAPHIC STORY: How thawing permafrost could fuel global warming

Burps to burgers: food companies wrangle climate-warming cattle emissions

What is the science behind the moo-ve from cattle methane emissions?

EXCLUSIVE-Draft EU methane strategy shies away from binding emissions standards

‘Waterfall’ of microbes in Antarctic sea floor leads to discovery of methane leak

INSIGHT-EU’s greenhouse gas strategy fails to plug methane hole

INSIGHT-Satellites reveal major new gas industry methane leaks


ANALYSIS-Europe’s carbon push stokes backlash fears

ANALYSIS-EU forces pace on carbon cuts, challenges others to follow

ANALYSIS-Europe faces sceptical globe with carbon border levy

ANALYSIS-Big oil may get more climate lawsuits after Shell ruling -lawyers, activists

FACTBOX-Eyes on U.S. climate lawsuits after landmark Dutch ruling

EXPLAINER-What the Dutch court carbon emissions ruling means for Shell

FACTBOX-Global climate schemes putting a price on carbon emissions

EXPLAINER-What is Britain’s new emissions trading system?

ANALYSIS-Gas faces existential crisis in climate wary Europe

Farmers struggle to break into booming carbon-credit market

INSIGHT-Clean crude? Oil firms use offsets to claim green barrels

Shrinking sea meadows store more carbon than forests. Scientists are racing to track what’s left

INSIGHT-Carbon offsets gird for lift-off as big money gets close to nature

FACTBOX: Carbon offset credits and their pros and cons

GRAPHIC STORY: How carbon is captured

GRAPHIC STORY: Jungle lab: counting carbon in the Amazon

Big carbon? Oil majors turn to nature to help plug revenue gap

ANALYSIS: Carbon pricing rises as world’s weapon of choice in climate fight

California needs forests to fight climate change, but they are going up in smoke


INSIGHT-Inconvenient truth: Droughts shrink hydropower, pose risk to global push to clean energy 

INSIGHT-Floods wreck towns, but Europe’s wind power goals tangled in red tape 

INSIGHT-U.S. solar developers see opportunity in America’s post-industrial lands

INSIGHT-Headwinds: Offshore wind will take time to carry factory jobs to U.S.

INSIGHT-Stinkweed to false flax: oilseeds race to reap biofuel bonanza

INSIGHT-Too cold to handle? Race is on to pioneer shipping of hydrogen

ANALYSIS-High stakes at sea in global rush for wind power

FOCUS-Winds of change: how Enel and Iberdrola powered up for the energy transition

FOCUS-Offshore galore! Wind farms go on the block as valuations spike

GRAPHIC-U.S. green energy push sets global edible oils alight, raises food inflation fears

INSIGHT-EV rollout will require huge investments in strained U.S. power grids

INSIGHT-Renewable diesel boom highlights challenges in clean-energy transition

INSIGHT-Shell targets power trading and hydrogen in climate drive 

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