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Alsnad group as a law firm that serves companies ,financial institutions, government. our experience as a law firm means we are uniquely placed to help our clients resolve their most complex legal challenges wherever they are.



Dispute resolution

It has been known that the legal disputes might be costly and time-consuming as well as must be handled with the greatest attention to the every single detail. Thus , Alsnad law firm through its experts will provide legal advice to its domestic and international clients .

Our experts will concentrate on commercial litigations and contract disputes , corporate governance, arbitration issue oil and gas case , insurance law, trot ,etc.

We provide legal advice and represent our clients in different type of litigation, including interpretation and breach and performance of contracts, unfair competition , contractual damages and tort, etc.

finally ,our team will make sure that our clients’ cases are treated attentively in the line with their specific requirements.


Corporate Governance & Commercial Law

There is no doubt that, the sustainable of the corporations in the long- term needs a good system of corporate governance by when the board of directors and shareholders, as well as the top management of the team, work together as one frame to achieve their goal which is keeping the company save and exist.

Alsnad law team will provide a full range of legal services in relation to corporate and commercial matters to its clients . our experts advisors take into account the scandal that happened too many famous companies and in contrast, give the right legal advise to deal with corporate problems.

In relation to commercial law our lawyer provide accurate legal advice in ,commercial contract and marketing matters, and distribution issues ,etc.


Banking & Finance

It should be notice that almost all finance and banking issues are complex and need appropriate staff to find out appropriate solution.

Alsnad law firm through their experts can give incomparable guidance to its clients. However, our group seek to provide a full range of services in relation to banking and securities transaction.

The finance transaction as well as acquisition ,loan markets, capital markets ,corporate lending ,project finance ,insolvency , etc ,is the most important issues that we have the right and experienced team to deal with.



Our team is experienced in conducting arbitration under major rules globally ,as well as in ad hoc and institutional proceeding and can offer both common law and civil law expertise.

We have extensive experience in the enforcement of arbitration award in regional courts .


Intellectual Property right

IPR are legal rights governing the use of such creations. This term covers a bundle of rights, such as patents, trademarks or copyrights, and each one is different in the scope and the duration with a different purpose and effect.

The legal experts in Alsnad law firm can advises their clients on issues related to the intellectual property rights , including trademarks , patents and industrial design, copyright, and our experts can also provide assistance in disputes that related to IP or such matters comes from transactional services.

Our team can sue and litigate complex IPRs matters, advise clients in order to protecting their intellectual property rights from violation, fraud , counterfeiting ,embezzlement or unfair competition.


Oil & Gas

Alsnad law firm has long-standing experience in the international oil and gas industry ,and as a result of our expanding practice in this area ,our team has the knowledge and the experience to provide a full range of legal advice to our clients.

The oil and gas lawyers at Alsnad are team of lawyers from different practices for the particular needs of clients in the most sophisticated transactions and projects. Furthermore our team has an experience in most aspects of the day-to-day operational issues faced by petroleum exploration and refiners ,services companies, marketers, production companies ,etc.


Company Registration

The Company undertakes the procedures to open branches and rep-offices for foreign companies, and registration of agencies, trademarks, and patents. This office in entrusted with all tasks related to completion of legal procedures for both local and foreign companies

Development & Training

It undertakes development and training tasks in companies, organizations, and public and private institutions; it also undertakes restructuring of companies, and the drafting their administrative, organizational and financial regulations.

It also provides special legal advice relative to administrative contracts code, and is also interested in organizing conventions, symposia, seminars, training courses and local and international events related to in the administration of legal areas, and management arbitration and reconciliation events at the international and local levels.